Projects in the oil & gas industry, as well as public works & civil engineering endeavors are relying much more heavily on HDPE pipeline than ever before. While a relative newcomer on the construction scene, this alternative to traditional steel has become a near-constant on major construction sites.

HDPE pipe has most know for having a striking black appearance. The black color is due to the addition of carbon black being added to make the material UV light resistant. However, other colors can be requested, which can prove to be very useful so as to identify the type of application for which the pipe is being used (e.g., potable water versus sewer applications). This color coding is helpful for proper storage & retrieval of materials. It also proves to be a prominent safety feature on a job site as crews digging into the soil can more readily identify what they see.


But is HDPE pipeline the right material for your application? There are certainly some major benefits to its use. For example:

  • highly versatility
  • chemical- and corrosion-resistant
  • flexible, impact-resistant
  • temperature-resistant

High density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe can be used in a variety of projects within numerous industries & across a multitude of terrains. By its nature, HDPE is a strong, durable, lightweight option that is has proven to be quite long-lasting, an all-important added budget-conscious bonus.

The manufacturing process of HDPE pipe is such that the resulting product is solid and reliable, not to mention proving quite resistant to leaks. Because of the aforementioned resistance to corrosion, there is a far greater reduction in the risk of any materials leaching into the soil or nearby water supplies. This, of course, is a prominent consideration for any major project.

Temperature resistance allows HDPE pipe to be used in a variety of settings. This means that projects in extreme environments can be undertaken with confidence. Physical degradation becomes less of a worry, and because of the ease of manufacturing & storage, materials can be on-hand, ready for the next project.

This also means quicker delivery of materials to a job site, a major consideration for projects operating on very strict timelines.

The Right Material, AND Company, for the Job

HDPE pipeline has become a fixture in major modern construction projects for a reason. Its physical make-up and molecular structure allow for it to be a versatile, resilient material that can work for a number of applications. However, it should not be thought of as a sole option from which to choose. The best option for any client must be able to address their needs now and in the future.

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