Commercial contractors are in the business of, well, keeping business moving forward. At the heart of every commercial construction project is earthwork. While the terminology may be a little foreign to the layperson, the best commercial contractors will be very well-versed in all thing earthwork related.

But that isn’t always the case. This isn’t to say that these individuals are not competent or highly skilled. Commercial contractors have a blindingly high amount of responsibilities on a job site, including but not limited to:

  • being mindful of strict budgets & timelines
  • acting as a main contact for all members of the project
  • making sure all required equipment is available
  • workplace safety
  • understanding local, state, and federal build codes & regulations

In short, commercial contractors have a lot on their plate. Still, if the ins & outs of earthwork processes are not part of their knowledge base, it can leave room for errors. At best, these euros can be almost prohibitively expensive or at worst, dangerous to all on the job site.

When choosing a commercial contractors, it’s important to find out what they do & don’t know about earthwork. Basics included:

Excavation & Foundation Considerations — No job site is ready until excavation for foundation takes place. Along with the overall excavation, attention needs to be paid for any other specific excavation work to be done as in the preparation for the use of footings 

Trenching for Essential Functions & Basic Services — Everything from drainage to electrical to sewage lines will need to be at the forefront of project design & engineering. What’s more, unique elements of the physical job site will need to be taken into account, especially as excavation is taking place. 

Site Grading — Making sure a job site is set up for construction to take place requires proper grading of the land. Many people, including some commercial contractors, are not aware that site grading need to take place during all phases of a project.

Moisture Conditioning — Any shifting of the ground underneath a structure, even by only an inch, can have disastrous results. As such, employing the method of moisture conditioning essentially preps the soil on which a commercial structure will be built. There are a lot of moving pieces to the process & significant conversations to be had with geotech engineers to make sure everyone & everything is on the same page.

Environmental Remediation — It’s one thing to know how the earth in & around a job site will be moved, but how does the site get made so that little negative impact is made to the area surrounding the site?

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