What do oil field services mean to a newly-hired member of the team? For some, it could mean getting acquainted with new processes & procedures. For others, they may have been hired to bring in new approaches to an industry that can sometimes rely on an “old-school” of doing things. And still for others, ‘oil field services’ is simply how things in the field are just done day to day.

A Rise in Demand

Though the list of particulars is quite extensive, oil field services are the means by which oil and gas exploration & production can take place. In recent  years, the industry has seen a massive amount of growth with the demand for oil & gas reaching unheard of peaks around the world. This growth has pushed companies specializing in oil field services to go push boundaries and set precedent for future operations.

Inherent Dangers of the Industry

But anyone with oil & gas will tell that the industry, by default, is a dangerous one. Data collected indicates that fatalities within the industry tend to be higher for workers with less than a year of experience in the field. As such, it is crucial for new hires to fully understand the risks that come with the job.

A Basic Guide for New Hires

Meeting & Exceeding Standards – ‘Bare minimum’ is a phrase that should not exist in the oil & gas industry. At all times, employees at every level should strive to meet & exceed standards in place for the job at hand.

Following Industry Best Practices – Being a new hire in any field starts with first understanding one’s duties. This includes knowing the industry basics for best practices under said duties & executing them on a consistent basis.

Safety Protocols – New hire or not, every member of the team in the oil & gas industry understands that safety is ALWAYS the main priority. All employees must look out for each other & themselves.

Quality Oil Field Services Are Crucial for Success

Because of the high global demand for oil & gas, there are a lot of companies who have jumped into the fray regarding oil field services. It is important to work with a team that is: 1) dedicated to quality work; 2) welcomes state-of-the-art technology but values the enduring importance of worker experience in the field; and 3) understands that there is no room for cutting corners at any point during the job.

Finding the right company that specializes in oil field services is something that has to be done from the start. The reward is establishing a working relationship that lasts for years to come. Click here to learn about one such company today.