Just about every part of the world is changing rapidly, with both minor & major earthwork construction dotting the landscape. Grading of land, excavations, and everything in-between is nothing more than the sign of progress. But central to this work is the right contractor to handle the job. In a day & age when construction equipment can be rented out at the consumer level, getting the right firm for the job at hand is vital to getting the job done right in the first place.

But how does one find the right contractor? The amount of companies specializing in earthwork construction was once limited. As such, making a decision on who one wanted to work with easier by default. As the number of construction firms grew, a standard practice of checking listings (e.g., the yellow pages) made the process simpler and more organized though not necessarily easier.

Now that major earthworks firms are in operation, determining the right one takes some work & asking the right questions. For example:

What is the nature of the project?

Knowing what you want to do & its scope is key to starting the search. This particular information can help in narrowing the focus onto earthwork construction firms who have & can handle projects of that size and type.

How do past clients feel about the work?

Referrals will be imperative to finding construction firms who are lauded for their work and their professionalism. Commercial, industrial, and residential construction insiders all concur that while it can take a lifetime for companies to build a stellar reputation but only one bad job to trash it.

Are they capable of doing the work correctly?

Not all earthworks firms are insured, licensed, and/or bonded to do the work needed. Proper credentials for the work at hand is a critical detail that needs to be looked into & confirmed.

What are your safety protocols?

Earthwork construction is extremely dangerous work that carries significant risk. Always be sure to request safety records for the firms you are vetting to see how well they’ve maintained safety on a job site. Also, ask about their standard protocols & the amount of training they do to refine said protocols.

Finally, though it’s no small detail, finding the right earthwork construction contractor starts with not leaving the search until the last-minute. Time to properly review & assess prospective contractors will be of greatest consequence to making a final call.

Earthwork construction should be handled by firms familiar with that type of work. CCI Culberson Engineering & Construction does more than handles various earthworks projects — it sets industry standards. Contact us today to learn more.