Most people will hear the words ‘concrete foundations’ and automatically think of concrete slabs in residential construction. However, it should be pointed out that just about all commercial & industrial construction involves a variation of concrete foundations.

Then again, it really should surprise no one that a concrete foundation would form the base from which a multitude of industries operate. The strength of any structure starts from the bottom. As structurally sound as concrete is (when prepared & poured correctly), industrial construction projects utilizing a concrete foundation are starting on a historically successful foot.

Only As Strong As Weakest Point

However, concrete foundations, regardless of commercial or residential applications, are only as solid as their design and installation. Care & consideration must go into everything including proper moisture protection & verification of solid load-bearing soil. In all industrial applications, concrete foundations are customized to the project so that all possible structural weaknesses can be fully addressed before construction begins.

Applications for concrete foundations include the following:

  • Aerospace Facilities
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Chemical Plants
  • Natural Gas & Geothermal Power Stations

Why Attention to Detail Matters

While the type of industry varies, one thing comes into extreme focus between these types of applications — lives are on the line. Whether it’s protecting on-site employees or the community at large, confidence in a physical facility’s safe construction & maintenance needs to be of the higher tier. Catastrophic failure in these industries would directly impact the community at large.

Capabilities, Experience, and An Eye to the Future

High on the list of priorities when embarking on a major industrial build is finding the right construction firm to handle concrete foundations. It is important to look for a years of experience, the number of industries they serve, and the amount of capabilities they bring to the table. It will also be important to inquire about their use of technology as times have changed over the years, including the tech used in commercial construction. In line with the changing times, it is also important to inquire about a construction firm’s environmental considerations. This includes an ability to meet and exceed local, state, and federal safety standards & regulations.

Finding the right construction company makes all the difference when designing top-tier concrete foundations. Click here to learn more.